PARTHY - Estimating the parameters of a non-neutral model with dispersal limitation by Approximate Bayesian Computing

Franck Jabot and Jérôme Chave

Laboratoire EDB UMR5174, Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse

The neutral theory of biodiversity (Hubbell 2001) has received a considerable amount of interest among community ecologists, and beyond. One of the difficulties in testing this theories is related to the nature of the diversity data themselves. The neutral theory predicts species abundance distributions as a function of two parameters, theta (the diversity in the species pool), and m (the immigration rate into the sampled community).

June 15th 2011 - Parthy1.0. First release of Parthy, a freeware to jointly estimate the three parameters of a non-neutral dynamic model based on Hubbell's neutral model of biodiversity, by approximate Bayesian Computing (ABC)The downloadable version of Parthy runs on Windows and Linux plateforms. If you are a mac user, you may want to contact us for the source code and compile it e.g. in the Darwin environment. This code has been used to calculate the values reported in Jabot and Chave (2011).

Last update June 15th, 2011